Saturday, 19 July 2008

Is winning in Casino's a Bad Thing

Totally off my usual topics but by playing short games in the Casinos in Vegas and quitting while ahead i'm up by just over $100. It's not a lot but considering i've only been playing 1c machines and $5 - $10 blackjack I think that's quiet cool! However since I haven't lost yet does that mean i'll now want to continue... could it get addictive. Considering i'm going to Atlantic City next week is this bad news!

As for the technical note, follow the rules of blackjack on wikipedia ( and make sure you buy in enough for 10-12 hands at minimum bet, and never bet more unless wikipedia says you should! Also when you are up, 3-4 decks worth of rounds... get out!

This may not be the longest game in the world but you take the money off the Casino!
Thank-you Venitian/Palazzo Las Vegas!

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