Monday, 14 July 2008

#crigshow - Conference 1 - Oscelot

This open source day (#osdiii) hosted by Oscelot was an unconferene which soon became based heavily around the Blackboard platform. This was expected as the majority of people attending it were then going on to attend the BbWorld conference. With the title of the conference being Open Source and yet the main topic being that of a Closed Source product this gave an opening for the CRIG team to promote the wider Open Source community to those who are focused on Blackboard use cases.

The day was a success for the team as we promoted good practices in web development, standards, resource management and the fact that the people who manage an eLearning platform has a responsibility to the content they hold.

From our point of view, we discovered: If blackboard is the industry leader in learning management systems then the repository community is big problems when it comes to archiving these resources by the current methodologies each community practices.

More Collaboration and Awareness please!

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