Monday, 5 October 2009

#iPres09: e-Infrastructure and digital preservation: challenges and outlook

e-infrastructure: Starts by defining infrastructure (see wikipedia) and e-infrastructure specific to a collection of European digital repositories. So basically we are looking at opportunities to build and supply services which are applicable to these repositories.

Background: EU is supplying lots of support for this and in germany they are researching national approaches, identifying activities and assign tasks to "expert" institutions. By introducing the current fields of project he is outlining that there is still a significant mismatch between the scale of the problem and the amount of effort being expended. From this he outlines that there is a significant lack of common approaches to solving problems. [I don't think this will ever go away, unless there is a mandate, and even then not everyone will want to sign up].

[Lots of argument] Funding is focused on many individual projects and thus doubles up the the argument that there are no commons. This led leads to a slide about interoperability and standards and the lack of them. [Which again, i don't think will ever go away and I think that we should be appreciative that people tend to pick XML to encode their data in, this makes it interoperable right].

[This is a start of project presentation, I don't seem to see that much output. They have some simple models as diagrams, again though at this stage it is hard to see how they are not just another project which will come up with (another) set of standards which no one will then want to adopt.]

Giving a set of examples now where they are going to re-use and extend existing software/projects. The goals are good, in terms of concrete steps for global infrastructure for registries, data formats, software deposits and risk management. [Just not sure how achievable all this is based upon the fact it has been the aim of many projects already]

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