Monday, 5 October 2009

#iPres09: An Emergent Micro-Services Approach to Digital Curation Infrastructure.

More stuff, smaller budget, more technology [good start]. We can gain though with digital tech through redundancy, meaning (through context), utility (through service) and value through use [totally agree with the last point esp. wrt OA publishing].

Projects imperatives: Do more with less, focus on the content, not the systems in which the content is managed [agree, focus on the data, not the software which people care less about]. This leads to the goal of the presentation which is micro-services, small services which provide maximum gain when they can be looped together, replaced, re-written etc.

There are 12 currently in 4 layers - Storage, Charecterisation/Inventory, Service (index, search, migration), Value (Usage) - [Good slide this] "LOCKSS, Lots of description keeps stuff meaningful, Lots of services keeps stuff useful, Lots of uses keeps stuff valuable".

Now describing some of the technologies which are being used. Simple restful api's to storage [however he hasn't mentioned the high level software they are using, based upon the first slide in the presentation said to use proven technology]. Emphasizing that storage has moved on (as it always will) and you can gain a lot of benefit though specialist products.

Storage is the main phase they have done and they have a few other mirco-services done. [Like the aim of it all however there are already lots of tools to provide each it is just the keeping them apart which is hard]

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