Sunday, 8 June 2008

CRIG / IEDemonstator After Thoughts

IEDemonstrator is a really bad name for a project as it just says Microsoft to me but I'm fairly it isn't anything to do with that most stable of web browsers.

From the workshop it has become clear to me that discussing a specification for service interaction globally is going to be impossible. This could be due to the fact that SOAP did such a good job of it and no one wants to use anything else (enough sarcasm??). I think many people left the workshop with a much better idea at how HTTP error codes (which have been around years) already go most of the way to solving a web service model. We also realised quickly that any specification would have to be built specifically for pay services (e.g. make use of the 402 code), this would then encourage companies/institutions to supply reliable services which last more than 4 years (cough AHDS cough).

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