Friday, 6 June 2008

First Post - CRIG DRY Workshop

Well there's a surprise!

CRIG DRY Workshop in Bath is where I am now. So what's happening:

People have been talking about services and proposed projects to provide authoritative and complete services to users/agents/repositories. A couple of themes have come out morning session for me:

SKOS: A lot of projects (incl. Library of Congress) are using this RDF language to describe subject and properties. Each provides access to this information in so many different ways it is hard to see how to interact in a constant manor.

Service Interaction (read on as the name is not that descriptive)

This moves us on from the Open Storage stuff i've been working on (again more later in another blog post) into how we facilitate the use of services and discover how to interact with these services. We are pushing for the use of http codes! CRIG it.

Tis it for now....

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